Sustainability is our Legacy

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A story driven by strong belief

In mid-2000s, a group of Norwegian entrepreneurs wanted to devote their efforts in the...


The story of Wind


Wind turbines first emerged more than a century ago. Following...


The Syvash project

The Syvash project has successfully come through construction and is going into commercial...


Welcome to NBT

Emergy develops, build, own and operates large-scale wind farms in emerging economies. 

Emergy delivers renewable, sustainable energy solutions in emerging growth markets in south-east Europe.

Emergy has ambitious goals when it comes to renewable power and ethically develops concepts to help local communities across the globe that are seeking to utilize their resources. Our focus and understanding of sustainability and ESG are instrumental in our projects in all phases of the development, and part of our DNA.

The use of wind power helps secure a better environment and a green future. Wind farms enable people to reduce their dependency on traditional resources such as gas, oil and coal, which is conducive to the global fight against climate change. Emergy wants to contribute to a better environment and establish business operations in the areas where we operates.

That is how we are making Sustainable Stories. Every day!

NBT becomes Emergy!

We are very proud to introduce our new name. Our new logo. A name that strengthen our identity going forward.

NBT has developed from being a project developer to becoming a fully-integrated power producer.

We want a name that echo what we are doing, who we have become.

We crystallise our efforts in growth markets, also defined as emerging markets, in Southeast Europe that needs to develop renewable energy, which – in the energy mix implies increased demand for wind power. And – that is exactly what the name indicates:

Emergy signals a strategy for sustainable and renewable in emerging markets

Emergy gives clear associations with the word energy. Energy of the sustainable and renewable kind, which is the common denominator for all the company`s initiatives.

Emergy emphasize the focus of growing in emerging growth markets

In other words: Emergy delivers what the name stands for:

  • Renewable, sustainable energy solutions in emerging markets.
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Where we are

We enjoy great success with our current land based wind farms.

South-East Europe

Our strategy the coming years is to concentrate on South-East Europe. The geopolitical consequences of Europe erecting a new “green curtain” to countries that we champion would be significant. Especially in countries where energy is a geopolitical commodity and renewable energy is supported by the governments. The pressure to match the EU ambitions agenda is severe as most of their trade is conducted with Europe and taxation of . We want to use our expertise to bring renewable energy the countries we are working in, with a focus of making sustainable stories.

Windmills have been in use since 2000 B.C. and were first developed in Persia and China