Corporate PPA

Green Corporate PPA  – green power supply contract from our wind and solar farms

EMERGY is building an independent power producer for large-scale onshore wind farms in selected growth markets in Southeastern Europe increasingly pushing the frontiers in by engaging actively in the acquisition and management of unsubsidized assets.

Intended for companies, EMERGY`s corporate power purchase agreements (also known as CPPAs) offer a long-term supply contract of renewable power at a fixed price, giving you certainty on both your cost of power and its green origin. The energy is developed under international laws and regulations, with a special focus on the Environmental & Social aspects. The decarbonization of the purchased energy gives our clients a rapid switch to renewable energy helping them reach their own climate goals.

Green PPA`s have developed to be indispensable allies in the energy transition. EMERGY currently have more than 2 GW of onshore wind and solar projects in our development portfolio, and the PPAs will be covered by the output from these assets.

EMERGY may also develop, construct, and operate renewable energy projects based on your needs.


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Did you know this about wind?

In Greek mythology, the Anemoi were four wind gods, creating wind from the four compass points.