Thorstein Jenssen, Monica Falkø an Joar Viken at NBT

The company

The company

In the mid-2000s, a group of Norwegian entrepreneurs wanted to devote their efforts in the fledgling renewable sector markets. NBT AS was thus incorporated in 2004 and soon turned its eyes to the Chinese market.

After several years of endeavors, NBT commissioned Baicheng Wind Farm in Jilin Province, China, in early 2011, with an installed capacity of 50 MW. Later in 2011 and in 2012, NBT commissioned the Linxi I and II wind farms, located in Inner Mongolia, through a joint venture with China Datang Corporation Renewable Power Co Ltd.

In 2018, NBT acquired Syvashenergoprom LLC, a wind farm company located in Kherson, Ukraine, with a 3 MW wind farm in operation. By the spring 2021 the Syvash Wind Farm was generating electricity having been developed from 3 til 247,5MW project. A landmark project being one of the biggest wind farm projects in Ukraine and developed together with Total Eren. The focus on sustainability was part of the project planning all the way and in 2019 EMERGY(the NBT) got the Sustainable Energy Bronze Award from the European Bank, one of the investors.   

2021 is a great year for EMERGY in Ukraine, starting up one wind farm, embarking on a new challenge – the even bigger wind farm project Zophia. Fully constructed, we are planning for a windfarm of 270MW finishing December 2022.

These operations make EMERGY the second largest wind power developer and operator in Ukraine as well as one of the largest Norwegian investors in the country.

2021 is an exciting year, not only based on the project, but also because the company – as a prolonging in their strategy focus towards working in emerging countries in Southeast Europe decided to change name to EMERGY.

EMERGY signals a commitment to sustainable and renewable energy

EMERGY gives clear associations with the word energy. Energy of the sustainable and renewable kind, which is the common denominator for all the company`s initiatives.

EMERGY emphasize the focus of growing in emerging growth markets, as a start in south-east Europe.

The word EMERGY is also a technical term, measured in em – as energetic and responsible are our values, it is already a part of our DNA.

The company name EMERGY therefore reflects both the company`s strategy and the opportunities we see in the renewable sector in the longer term. At the same time, the name in which we operate, and for our owners and shareholders. Those who invest in our company, those who invite us into projects in their countries and communities, those who collaborate with us in our initiatives – they should all know that EMERGY delivers what the name stands for:

Renewable, sustainable energy solutions in emerging growth markets.

EMERGY is continuously assessing project opportunities in other emerging markets in Southeast Europe, Serbia being the next country.


Where we are

We enjoy great success with our current land based wind farms.

South-East Europe

Our strategy the coming years is to concentrate on South-East Europe. The geopolitical consequences of Europe erecting a new “green curtain” to countries that we champion would be significant. Especially in countries where energy is a geopolitical commodity and renewable energy is supported by the governments. The pressure to match the EU ambitions agenda is severe as most of their trade is conducted with Europe and taxation of . We want to use our expertise to bring renewable energy the countries we are working in, with a focus of making sustainable stories.