The Banat I–V windfarms are located in the district of South Banat within the North-eastern Serbian province of Vojvodina. Situated approximately 35 km west of the border with Romania and 40km Northeast of the capital, conditions on the sites are very favourable for wind energy production. Additional to the accessible terrain and good climatic conditions, wind at the sites blows at more than 6 m/s offering capacity factors well above 30%.

The portfolio, which is being jointly developed with local partner WV-International, is expected to be fully permitted and start construction during 2023. Once built, the five windfarms together will consist of more than 100 turbines with a total installed capacity of up to 563 MW.

Banat I & III:         186MW
Banat II:                140MW
Banat IV & V:        237MW



The tips of the blades of wind turbines can move at speeds of up to 200mph.