EMERGY’s Development Impact


In our definition of development impact we “aim to provide more clean energy, have a positive contribution to the fight against climate change and create jobs and sustainable development in our host communities”.

Development impacts are also examined from different levels:

    • The direct effects of our operations
    • Indirect effects of our operations
    • Impacts on wider society

We have KPI’s in place to steer and report on these metrics, our annual Sustainability Report (first one will be published in 2022) will highlight the results of our efforts and how this translates into our Sustainable Stories

Development Impact in practice

Our contribution to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

  1.Expansion of renewable electricity capacity in the country

    • Total capacity of renewable energy production (MW)
    • Number of households potentially powered by renewable energy
    • Incremental share of the energy grid that will be sourced by renewable energy (%)
    • Annual renewable energy generation (MWh)
    • Annual greenhouse gas emissions avoided (tonnes CO²e)
    • Capacity of renewable energy transmission systems (MW)

2. Promotion of employment and inclusion

    • Jobs:
      • Number and types jobs (to be) created in the construction and operational phase
      • (International) Standards considered for job quality
      • Certifications (ISO 45001/SA8001) where applicable
    • Diversity:
      • secure deversity hires (in management/other positions)

              3. Introduction of innovative technology solutions and stakeholder engagement/local content

4. Raise awareness on climate change related issues, eg through schooling programs in the communities we operate 

    • Capacity Development:
      • Novel technology being brought into the country, ao on (resource/energy) efficiencies
      • Inputs realized related to training and capacity building
    • We implement climate risk disclosures aligned with the recommendations of the Task Force for Climate Related Financial Disclosures (“TCFD”)

             5. Promotion of proper governance practices and transparency through:

    • Reporting annually on the use of the green bond’s proceeds and its impact through EMERGY’s Green Bond Framework
    • Managing ESG related risks through EMERGYS’s Environmental and Social Management System
    • Monitoring development impact by reporting annually on specific targets related to: (i) energy (e.g., number of households potentially powered by renewable energy, incremental share of the energy grid that will be sourced by renewable energy, annual renewable energy generation, annual greenhouse gas emissions avoided, capacity of renewable energy transmission systems); (ii) jobs (e.g., number and types of jobs created); (iii) diversity; and (iv) capacity development (e.g., novel technology brought into the country, training and capacity building)

The tips of the blades of wind turbines can move at speeds of up to 200mph.