Corporate E&S Policy

Emergy’s overarching E&S policy describes the E&S management of initial project assessment, construction and operations, and rehabilitation through to decommissioning.

Major chapters of the E&S policy include corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy, assessment and screening of potential investments, stakeholder consultation and engagement, and E&S monitoring and reviews.

E&S Reports

Emergy works with internationally reputable advisors to make sure its E&S policies and plans are strictly complied with by its employees and constructors. 

Its E&S practices are well documented and made public where required.



  • Our projects help reduce CO2 emissions and create a sustainable, low carbon economy
  • We adhere to the highest environmental standards (IFC PS/EP, EBRD)
  • The climate impact of Emergy’s operations will be measure

2.7m tons CO2 avoided fro our Syvash and Zophia projects each year

Provide 1 084 000 Ukrainian households with reliable, clean energy

  • Our IFC PS based environmental and social management system provides a reliable structure to uphold fair and safe working conditions against international standards (ILO)
  • We create quality jobs in local communities and contribute by locally sourcing our projects

Community Development fund for Zophia wind farm including extensive stakeholder engagement program

Use of latest technology to provide local sourcing and optimize local subcontracting

  • Emergy’s business standards, principles and controls are replicated into contracts
  • ESG is in the veins of our organization: from the Board down through all levels

Syvash wind farm constructred without business control incidents

Emergy ESG standars are repolicated onto all (sub) contractors.

Did you know this about wind?

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