Environmental & Social Governance (ESG)

Corporate E&S Policy

EMERGY’s corporate E&S policy describes our E&S risk management approach of initial project assessment, construction and operations through to decommissioning. Our policies and procedures are set up to incorporate ESG considerations in every step we take and not as a separate, stand-alone topic.

The E&S policy includes among others community/stakeholder engagement, human rights assessment and climate risk. Our policy and approach is based on – amongst others – IFC Performance Standards, ILO standards and the UN Business Principles for Human Rights.

E&S Reports

Our E&S approach is publicly disclosed, in line with international standards.

Feedback from stakeholders is solicited and integrated into our management and stakeholder engagement plans.

We work with reputable international E&S advisors to assist in the development, implementation and monitoring of the E&S practices at corporate level and in our projects.

EMERGY’s business standards, principles and controls are replicated into the agreements of our contractors and subcontractors.

In 2022 we will start reporting on the impact we have created, as well as on our contributions to the Sustainable Development Goals, which will be highlighted in our Sustainability Report

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