NUCC Campaign to Ukraine

The security situation in Ukraine is very serious and unclear and the highest attention and concern to EMERGY is the security and wellbeing of our employees, but in this situation, we must help where we can. The organization NUCC (Norwegian Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce) has launched a fundraising campaign. As EMERGY is represented on the Board of Directors we have a responsibility to extend our help to the Ukrainian people cooperating with other Norwegian companies and NHO. We encourage companies to participate and give a financial contribution, following all members of NUCC. The account number can be found in the link above.

The NUCC board is clear that they expect urgent and forceful measures from Norwegian authorities to assist Ukraine. A ten-point list has been sent to the Minister of Foreign Affairs urgently asked for measures requested by the board, members and staff, including providing defense materiel, giving humanitarian and non-lethal aid, fast-tracking the access for Ukrainian refugees to Norway, providing monetary aid and opening financial support initiatives, i.e. through Export Finance Norway, for Ukraine and those doing business with Ukraine and rapidly initiating harsh sanctions against Russia.

NUCC’s local expertise and network will be used to provide quick, targeted, and effective humanitarian and non-lethal aid to Ukraine.

The campaign started the 2nd of March, and in one day it had brought in more than NOK 1 million. Funds for the first humanitarian aid has already been sent. We look to increase the campaign’s reach within the coming days and encourage all to contribute and to encourage their employees and partners to do the same. All contributions are highly valued and will be put to work immediately on specific initiatives on the ground.

Now is the time to show solidarity with the Ukrainian people in its crucial fight for life and freedom. Ukraine is a democratic European country, and an outright attack on Europe should be answered by Europe. This is also our fight.

Our hearts and thoughts are with all our friends and partners in Ukraine today.


Glory to Ukraine! – Слава Україні!