Information to partners about new name

We are proud to introduce our new name. Our new logo. A name that strengthens our identity going forward.

NBT has developed from being a project developer to becoming a fully integrated power producer.

We want a name that echoes what we are doing, who we have become.

We crystallize our efforts in growth markets in South-East Europe that needs to develop renewable energy, which – in the energy mix implies increased demand for wind power. And – that is exactly what the name indicates:

Emergy signals a strategy for sustainable and renewable energy in emerging markets

Emergy gives a clear association with the word energy. Energy of the sustainable and renewable kind, which is the common denominator for all the company’s initiatives.

Emergy emphasizes the focus of growing in emerging growth markets

In other words: Emergy delivers what the name stands for:

Renewable energy in growth markets.

It is our legacy!


Our WEB site has changed to:

Our LinkedIn profile is to be found under: