Our strategy is to develop wind farms in the Southeastern part of Europe that has substantial, largely untapped renewable energy potential. Some regions have begun to exploit these resources, but the renewable energy sector in this area is still in its infancy. Policy makers are poised to continue scaling up renewable in line with the EU 2030 Climate and Energy Framework`s goal of deriving 32% of energy from renewables by that year.

EMERGY will contribute to reach this goal having 2GW in the pipeline, and 700MW in operation by 2030 – and we envisage ambitious targets going forward. We see that the energy systems vary significantly across the region in terms of the energy resource base, indigenous energy production vs. energy import dependency, and energy supply mix. The importance of being self-supplied is strengthening, security of supply has proven more important than ever. With improved economics and a better understanding of renewable energy technologies the possibilities are taken more seriously, wind already being a viable option for the region and seen as an untapped potential amounting to over 532GW (IRENA). This is the potential EMERGY will tap into focusing on their portfolio in Serbia, Romania, Greece and Ukraine. Other countries in the region is being watched closely and our goal to expand our portfolio into other countries in the region in being assessed and looked into on a daily basis. The regulatory mechanism that supports renewables are important because it determines the economic model of renewable projects, in addition wind depend on resources, site approvals, grid issues and the competitive environment. For EMERGY these issues are critical in defining both the market opportunities and it rules for participation.

Our projects in Serbia are the most matures, both Alibunar and Banant are exiting projects with a potential of 168 & 563MW. The country has recently adopted a renewable energy law and is preparing detailed regulation which will pave the way for onshore wind possibilities. There is a great potential for more wind, and it is expected that it can play a significant role in Serbia`s future energy system while also ensuring economic growth and new employment.

Romania`s wind potential is the highest in Southeast Europe and EMERGY is tapping into it with their portfolio of 334,8MW with our 223,2MW Mereni project and 111,6MW Independentia project. The market is expected to witness significant demographic and economic growth, leading to an increase in energy demand, indicating that the onshore wind segment is expected to rice by 35% by 2030 driving new investments and possibility for local development.

In Greece our portfolio consists of 195,5MW divided on three different project. The onshore wind segment is expected to dominate the market, owing to the increasing onshore wind that is planned to be installed until 2030, the Greece National Energy and Climate Plan being an inspiration with it ambitions goals of 7GW installed wind energy by that time. EMERGY is exited to face the possibilities in this market and will continue to look for opportunities.

Ukraine – Due to the invasion of Ukraine the Zophia Wind Farm project is now on hold. The situation in the country is very serious and unclear. Our main goal is the security and wellbeing of our employees in the country.

Our focus is of our employes safety and wellbeing. We have regular contact with them as a part of our procedures, and interest.

Glory to Ukraine! – Слава Україні!


EMERGY is waiting to restart their projects in the country, the 800MW Zophia project, one of the biggest on—shore wind farms in Europe. New investments will be done, and EMERGY will do their part of rebuilding Ukraine’s renewable energy potential.