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Serbia is expected to rapidly transition its production of energy from fossil fuel to renewable energy. Emergy, along with a local partner, is developing Alibunar, which is the most advanced project in our portfolio and will have an installed capacity of 168 MW. The Banat wind projects (I–V), and the Zabalj PV solar project will have a combined installed capacity of 644 MW. The Serbian locations for the Alibunar, and Banat projects have favourable wind conditions, and good access to seaports, access roads, and transmission lines.


With two wind farms in North-East Serbia, the Alibunar project will consist of 40 turbines with a combined total capacity of 168 MW. The locations have favourable wind conditions and good access to road and transmission infrastructure.

Project phase


Total capacity

168 MW


The attached Stakeholder Engagement Plan (‘SEP’) outlines the further steps we will be taking to further deepen this engagement. Also you will find the Non-Technical Summary (‘NTS’) of our Alibunar projects here, which will give a more detailed overview of the Alibunar wind farms Emergy is developing.

If you have questions about this project or these documents please contact us at post@emergy.com. For questions regarding other Emergy projects or our corporate policies please contact us at post@emergy.com.

Non-technical Summary

Non-technical Summary (English)

Netehnički rezime

Stakeholder Engagement Plan

Stakeholder Engagement Plan (English)

Plan uključivanja zainteresovanih strana

Grievance Form

Grievance Form (English)

Formular za ulaganje žalbe

Local newspaper advertisements on disclosure of the environmental and social impact assessment study of the project.

Public Disclosure Alibunar Newspaper (English)

Public Disclosure Alibunar Newspaper (Serbian)

Public Disclosure Alibunar Newspaper (Romanian)

Public Disclosure Alibunar Newspaper (Slovakian)

Banat I, III, & IV

Project phase

Late-Stage Development

Total capacity

306 MW

Banat II & V

The five Banat (I-V) wind farms are located in South Banat, within the Serbian province of Vojvodina. Once built, there will be >100 turbines with a combined total capacity of 563 MW. This project is being developed with our local partner.

Project phase

Mid-Stage Development

Total capacity

258 MW

Zabalj PVP

Project phase

Early-Stage Development

Total capacity

80 MW