14 September 2022

Romanian EMERGY Team

7 September 2022

Energy week Western Balkans 2022

6 July 2022

Summer 2022 interns

3 June 2022

RE-Source Southeast event in Sofia

27 May 2022

Sponsor of the Investor of the year! Word About Wind

9 May 2022

Norwegian foreign minister visit Kyiv

25 April 2022

Marking the Orthodox Easter

6 April 2022

An honor for EMERGY to be represented at the Sustainable Finance Forum as a speaker

6 April 2022

The need for renewable energy is more important than ever!

4 March 2022

NUCC Campaign to Ukraine

26 February 2022


17 November 2021

The result of COP26, hope or disappointment?

21 October 2021

Zophia Wind Farm – First power transmission tower” being raised

11 August 2021

Video about Syvash Wind Farm

20 July 2021

Information to partners about new name

15 July 2021

Syvash Wind farm Video

31 May 2021

12th Energy Day arranged by the The European-Ukrainian Energy Agency

21 May 2021

NBT sponsored by FinanceWind Europe

7 April 2021

Magnificent view at the Syvash wind farm in Ukraine

1 April 2021

Joar Viken – Nominated for this year’s Industry Leader of the Year Award!

20 January 2021

EMERGY presented by our CFO Mr Thorstein Jenssen at the Pareto Renewable Energy Conference

30 November 2020

A Word About Wind

14 September 2020

American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine

13 August 2020

We always support projects that offer employment opportunities, improve image of Ukraine – President at meeting with investors

The tips of the blades of wind turbines can move at speeds of up to 200mph.