Greece is an EU integrated market with low political uncertainty. As a member state of the European Union, Greece is part of EU’s Green Deal, targeting no net emissions of GHG by 2050.

The country is ideally located for wind power developments with RES capacity expected to increase by more than 10GW in the next decade. The capacity factor for wind is interesting and EMERGY has entered into an agreement with RES Invest to develop three onshore wind projects in Greece, totaling about 200MW.

The pipeline consists of three projects.

  • Pavlini:                        100MW
  • Mavrouvoni:              22.5MW

The Pavlini projects is situated in Northern Greece area, while the smaller Mavrouvoni project is located in the Peloponnese in the southern part of the country. Both projects are in the early-development phase, and is planned to be operational in 2024.

This harmonizes with EMERGY`s ambitious strategy of strengthening their presence in Southeast Europe”