As a part of our journey taking a position in the Southeast European market we have invested in exciting projects in the South of Romania. We are determined to enter into this market with it`s remarkable possibilities. Romania is a country with an interesting growth potential. The country is an EU member with a stable growth of + 4% and with a new support scheme with long-term PPA`s and contracts for different auctions supported by international investors and development banks.  This, in combination with a liberalized electricity market with potential to export to new markets though new connections, supports the strategy of EMERGY.

EMERGY has acquire very interesting project with a pipeline consisting of three different projects:

  • Baraganu/Mereni:         223.2MW
  • Independentia:             111,6MW
  • Baneasa:                         24,8MW

The pipeline is early-stage development. EMERGY owns 100% and have a target of COD in 2025.