Serbia Wind Farm


To strengthen the focus on Southeast Europe, EMERGY AS has entered into a partnership with WV- International who develops renewable energy projects, mainly wind power plants and has been operating in Serbia since 2012.

Serbia is an interesting market for many reasons, among others an EU grid that will be interconnected through a new 400Kv trans-Balkan line. In addition of this there is a strong political agenda for increased renewable energy penetration and decarbonization. |

As of today, EMERGY AS has a pipeline of 725MW onshore wind based on several projects consisting of:

  • Alibunar:                    168MW
  • Banat I & III:               184MW
  • Banat II:                      138MW

The Alibunar & Banat I, II & III is in a late-stage development, wehereas

  • Banat IV & V              235MW

is in the early stage.

The COD target is estimated to be from 2023 – 2025