The story of Wind

Serbia Wind Farm


Serbia’s ambitious energy security plan targets 50% renewables share by 2040

Serbia sees the energy transition and green development as a new industrial revolution and a new model of growth, which could result in strong economic growth only if it is guided by the partnership of all stakeholders. A document has been made by the Government set a 49.6% target for the share of renewable energy sources in gross final energy consumption by 2040, compared to 26.3% at the end of 2020. The plan is to achieve climate neutrality and decarbonize the economy by 2050.

To strengthen the focus on Southeast Europe, and to help Serbia achieve their goal, EMERGY has entered into a partnership with WV- International who has been operating in Serbia since 2012, mainly building wind farms.

Serbia is an interesting market for many reasons as mentioned above. Among others an EU grid that will be interconnected through a new 400Kv trans-Balkan line. In addition to this there is a strong political agenda for increased renewable energy penetration and decarbonization.


As of today, EMERGY AS has a pipeline of 731MW onshore wind based on several projects consisting of:

  • Alibunar:                    168MW
  • Banat I & III:               186MW
  • Banat II:                      140MW

The Alibunar & Banat I, II & III is in a late-stage development, whereas

  • Banat IV & V              237MW

is in the early stage.

The COD target is estimated to be from 2023 – 2025