A story driven by strong belief

A story driven by strong belief

In mid-2000s, a group of Norwegian entrepreneurs wanted to devote their efforts in the fledgling renewable sector in emerging markets. NBT AS was thus incorporated in 2004 and soon turned its eyes to the then-starting Chinese market. It was the start of a journey with ups and downs, with political decisions interfering in their work and a lot of learning.

And – they did. They did find their path, these visionary and patient entrepreneurs.

NBT, now EMERGY, has become one of the biggest foreign investors in Ukraine. When their projects are finished build, they will be able to supply more than 1 000 000 households with renewable energy. Households that today are getting their energy mainly from coal. More than 1500 tCO2 is saved. Every year.

All of these changes we do to be sustainable. To be able to prosper and develop. To build more renewable energy, saving the world for CO2 emission, to earn money that we can invest in new projects.

We aim to deliver 2GWh in 2025 and have an ongoing pipeline of 750MW – that is a long way from the start.