The Syvash project

The Syvash project has successfully come through construction and is going into commercial operation.

This is a major achievement and a milestone that should be celebrated! The project received the European Bank “Sustainable Energy Bronze Award” in 2019 and has been developed with sustainability and ESG as one of the leading parameters. Governed according to stringent European technical, environmental and social standards, construction was initiated in spring 2019 and is now in production with 63 Nordex turbines, each with a capacity of 3.9Mw. This will give 895GWh annual clean and renewable production, giving 250 000 households the opportunity to be sustainable.  – and is helping Ukraine reach their goals and commitment on having 25% of the energy renewable prior to 2035.

EMERGY has a clear strategy to work in South-East Europe, also defined as emerging countries and countries that are situated in the EU neighborhood. The geopolitical consequences of Europe erecting a new “green curtain” to countries that we want to work with would be significant. Especially in countries where energy is a very geopolitical commodity, such as the situation is in Ukraine. The green transition has also a security aspect since going green will mean being more independent from Moscow`s gas and pipelines. In order to speed up the transition the government provide commercial / fiscal terms for this type of projects e.g. thought FiT – tariffs.

Through the Syvash – project we have developed a strong position in Ukraine as well as in the region through our community development programs and transparent relationship with the region. Through our experience we believe we have developed a competitive advantage over other companies in areas such as procurement and supplier relations, local operations, financing, political issues and relationships, fiscal frameworks and other areas. EMERGY`s competence and focus on sustainability and ESG related issues, combined with a strong network of partners and suppliers, has enabled us to execute the full process from idea to operations of developed wind power plants.

Syvash is a great Sustainable Story – and it has just started. We are here for a long time! 25 years. At least!