Words from the CEO

July 2021

EMERGY has been always passionate about harvesting clean energy from wind resources in emerging markets. We are rigged to be first-movers in these markets, and have acquired the skills and experience to raise funds in the international capital markets. 

We have successfully spearheaded China in 2011 with the first ever wind farm financed by international project finance. And we are now repeating the move in Ukraine by being the first utility-scale energy producer attracting reputable, international financing institutions to the country. 

At the moment we are proudly building Ukraine’s largest windfarm – the Syvash Wind Farm – on the shores of Lake Syvash. This wind farm is bringing EUR 400 million in foreign direct investment to Ukraine, hundreds of high-quality jobs, significant tax contributions over the next 25 years, and a strong sustainability programme benefitting both people and the environment. The farm will be operational during the second half of 2020.

Additionally, we are at the advanced stage of raising finance for Europe’s largest onshore windfarm in Southeastern Ukraine. We expect construction of the Zophia Wind Farm to commence in April next year and become fully operational in 2022. The farm will feed 340,000 Ukrainian households with domestically produced energy. It will reduce annual CO2 emissions equivalent to all of Oslo’s traffic multiplied by three. The 160 modern turbines to be installed will bring in an overall investment of EUR 1 billion from international banks and investors. The wind farm will be a showcase for Ukraine that would attract attention from foreign investors across all industries. Since March this year, we have deployed twenty-odd ecologists on the Zophia site, whose task has been only surveying birds, bats, mammals, insects and all other species we explore in our studies. The survey work will continue through the construction phase and into the operational phase.

Our competitive edge is sustainability. We add value for both people and the environment by applying the highest international standards in our work. We attract impact investors who are dedicated to renewable energy. As a consequence, we have attracted a team of highly dedicated professionals thriving on developing substantial investment opportunities in the wind energy industry.

We have just released our new website. Hopefully you’ll find it informative. We will update the site on a regular basis with the latest developments. In the meantime, please get in touch if you want to know more. 

You are more than welcome to join us in powering the green future!

Emma Collins


Emma Collins

Emma Collins